About Dr.G.M.Patil

Only our habits & our actions make us winner.

Dr. G.M.Patil

The Dr.G.M.Patil is passionate trainer in first aid and motivational, stress management speaker with excellent qualitites and inner purity of a sucessful trainer. He is founder of Master Education Academy (MEA).

He has 16 years of experience in health industires and as a trainer. He always provide the best to his participants. He has conducted more than 600 seminars, around 400 workshops. His qualification is B.A.M.S MD (AM), Gold medalist with wide experince across industries and corporates spanning 16 years.

The Dr.G.M.Patil is an expert motivator inspirational coach & leader for every age group businessman corporate executives employees students housewives networkers & who wishes success happiness peace and personal growth. He helps people to change their belief and thought pattern experience less stress and more success in their lives through better communication positive thinking and spiritual knowledge. From last more than 12 years now has served above 50 thousand people .Dr G M PATIL is living legend who has achieved incomparable knowledge. Experience practical know how and given life changing results to all the people.

For over 16 years he has been offering training service at workplace first aiders in companies of all sizes and across a range of industry segments. And he has been doing it in a scientifically tired and proven way and of course most cost effectively.

He was honoured with :-

Shiromani Award
Samaj Sudharak Award
Dhanwantari Gourav Award
Walmiki Award

He is writer of famous book Shodh Laingik Samasya for sex education for youth and he is highly respected in Ayurvedic practioner, teacher, researcher of Ayurveda.

He has developed Ayurvedic software to make easy for to take Ayurvedic treatment eaisly in home.

He is member of international homopathic medical society U.S.A, member of Asian Society of continuting medical education member of indian board of alternative medicine and ex member of Rotary and Giants clubs.

He helps people to change their belief and thoughts to achieve their success & he trains the people for how to save life.